Dentures Vs Implants

9 March 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you have missing teeth and you're trying to decide what to do about it, you may be considering dentures or implants. Both of these dental offerings can improve your life for the better and can make your smile look and feel better. But, they're not created equally. You may be wondering which is the best choice for you. Keep reading to learn more about each option so you can make the best choice: 


Dentures are false teeth that you wear and they're available as partials or full sets. In order to wear them, you'll need to use adhesive or paste to keep them attached to your gums. Dentures are a good way to make your smile look more real, and they can give others the impression that you have all of your teeth. It's also a less expensive way to fix your dental problems. If you have weak jaws, this may be a good fit for you as implants may not make sense. While this is an option to consider, you should be prepared to replace your dentures every few years. They're not a forever solution. Wearing dentures can take some getting used to, but these days, they make dentures that look very realistic.


Implants are another option to consider if you're missing teeth. This is a great option if you want a long-term solution. How do they work? Dental implants are implanted into your gums. Then, your dentist will place crowns on them to make them look and feel just like real teeth. This is a secure and comfortable solution that is as close as it gets to the real deal. You won't need to worry about adhesive or paste like you would with dentures. While these are a much more costly solution, they can last many, many years if you keep up with your dental hygiene. Some people find that they're able to keep their implants for their whole life. 

Both of these dental options are a worthwhile consideration. You should always talk with your dentist first to get their opinion on your individual needs and situation. They may suggest one treatment or procedure over the other. As always, you'll want to keep up with routine dental exams and cleanings and stay on top of your dental hygiene. If you're feeling unhappy about having gaps in your smile, you no longer have to worry about this! Both dentures and implants can make your smile look its best and can improve your self-confidence. 

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