Dentures Help Those Who Cannot Absorb Calcium Well Avoid Premature Aging

27 April 2020
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Tooth loss is something that can occur at any age. For example, people who cannot absorb calcium well due to genetic problems may find it impossible to keep all of their teeth for long into their lives. As a result, it may be necessary for those in this position to get dentures to avoid signs of premature aging and other complications with their oral health.

Excessive Tooth Loss May Age a Person

Those who have a genetic predisposition for tooth loss — such as a more difficult time absorbing calcium — may find that they end up without any teeth at a surprisingly young age. This problem isn't just embarrassing; it can be damaging to a person's health. For example, excessive tooth loss can cause a person to age in appearance by making their mouth sag in various ways.

Unfortunately, these changes aren't just aesthetic either. A sagging mouth can cause extra strain on the jaw and other areas of the mouth and cause pain and a permanent alteration in the shape of a person's mouth. As a result, it is necessary for those in this situation to get high-quality dentures. Though it may seem odd to get them at such a young age, dentures can provide many benefits that are hard to top.

Dentures Can Help

Dentures help to support a person's jaw strength by creating an artificial support for their mouth. As a result, dentures can help decrease the sagging in a person's mouth or prevent it if sagging has yet to occur. This benefit is critical because it can help a person keep their youthful appearance and make it easier for them to get jobs, meet friends, and find romantic partners if they are still single.

Beyond these benefits, dentures also help to support jaw strength by preventing unnecessary strain and potential damage to these critical bones in the mouth. And dentures can also help increase gum health by protecting them from various types of bacteria that may rapidly spread and cause problems such as gingivitis and other gum health problems.

Thankfully, many types of dentures are available for those who want them. Traditional full dentures sit on the gums and must be removed every day to clean them. However, more modern dentures can be implanted in the jaw to serve as a more permanent set of replacement teeth. The type used will vary based on a person's needs and tolerance of dentures. 

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