Don't Qualify For Dental Implants? This Is Why You Should Try A Dental Bridge

5 May 2020
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Dental implants are one of the most popular methods of replacing missing teeth, but they're not a good fit for everyone. If you've been told that dental implants might not be suitable for you personally, then you might want to look into dental bridges as a substitute. Here is an explanation as to why you might not be able to get implants and what you can expect from bridges.

Why You Might Not Qualify

Dental implants aren't a match for everyone because they have fairly high requirements to be used. To use dental implants, you not only need to have good oral health with healthy gums, but you also need to have strong and durable bones. This is because dental implants require the strength of the jawbone to stay in place and be strong. If you have thinning bones, gum disease, or another oral health problem, dental implants might not work for you.

What Bridges Are All About

Dental bridges, on the other hand, don't have requirements as high as dental implants. Dental bridges take their name from the fact that one or more artificial teeth (depending on your needs) is suspended between two anchors that connect to your neighboring teeth. The artificial teeth act as a bridge and when performed properly, provide a seamless-looking row of teeth that function just as well as the real thing.

How They Compare to Implants

Dental implants do have some perks that dental bridges don't, like improving gum health and bone health. However, the two are very similar in other ways.

Dental bridges are more permanent than dentures, which means that they're closer to dental implants. Bridges aren't intended to be removed and stay in place when you're taking care of your oral hygiene every day, just like implants do. As they're both made out of synthetic materials, neither can decay, but both require that you continue to take good care of your gums and remaining teeth, too.

Dental bridges also last longer than dentures and partial dentures. While they typically don't last as long as implants, they're more similar to implants than dentures in every way.

Overall, dental bridges are an excellent choice for anyone who has missing teeth, especially if you don't qualify for dental implants. Rather than continuing on with gaps in your smile, talk to a dentist about getting your teeth fixed so you can chew normally and smile confidently. Visit a clinic like Crestwood Dental Care to learn more about dental bridges.