How To Reduce The Risk Of Grinding-Induced Damage To Your Teeth

12 May 2020
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Teeth grinding is a serious problem for many people. Whether you do it while you're awake or asleep, grinding your teeth together too often can wear them down, damage the enamel, and ultimately cause chipping or breakage to your teeth. If you're worried about your teeth and can't seem to stop grinding, even with stress relief methods, then you can work with your dentist to protect your teeth. Here's how.

Get a Custom Grinding Guard

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get a custom grinding guard. Grinding guards are designed to prevent the upper and lower teeth from touching each other so that you can't grind even if you try to. These are usually worn during your sleep, but with a custom one, you can even wear it during the daytime. Just pop it in when you notice that you're clenching your teeth together.

Custom guards are far superior to store-bought guards. They're made to fit your teeth precisely, making them comfortable and eliminating the risk of mumbling or having it pop out while you're trying to talk. Plus, custom guards typically last for longer than store-bought ones.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are usually used for preventing cavities, but they can be potentially helpful with teeth grinding, too. 

Dental sealants are essentially just filling material painted over the biting surfaces of teeth. This layer of filling acts like an extra layer of enamel, protecting your tooth and natural enamel from wear and tear. Adding this to your list may help to protect your teeth further.

See Dentist Frequently

Lastly, don't overlook the importance of visiting with a dentist on a regular basis. When you have a recurring dental problem like grinding your teeth, you should consider visiting more often than someone who doesn't have dental issues. Visiting the dentist at least a couple times a year is ideal.

By visiting your dentist frequently, they'll be able to spot and treat damage that's being done to your teeth before it becomes severe. This is important since when your teeth wear down they become more susceptible to cavities and cracking. If your dentist treats them with fillings, this kind of damage can be avoided entirely.

Grinding your teeth together is something that can end up causing serious problems for you later on in life. Do what's right for your health and your smile and talk to a dentist about these solutions for preventing further damage to your teeth.

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