Why Dental Implants May Be Better Than Bridges For Those Who Struggle To Eat Properly

4 June 2020
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For years, the standard for replacing a single tooth was a dental bridge. However, bridges have some limitations that may not be suitable for all users. For example, some people may feel that their bridge is awkward in their mouth and makes it hard for them to eat. Those in this situation may want to consider another tooth-replacement option, such as dental implants, to get the best results.

Dental Bridges May Have Some Minor Complications

Dental bridges are a great way to replace a missing tooth or a handful of teeth, but they do have some limitations that may not make them as useful for some people. For example, some people may have a hard time chewing with dental bridges because they feel awkward in their mouth. This awkwardness is by no means 100 percent assured in those who use a dental bridge, but it may occur in many people.

And when it does, it can be very hard for a person to want to wear their bridge. Some may want to take the bridge out of their mouth — which isn't usually possible because bridges are attached to surrounding teeth — or they may want to replace their bridge with another dental item, which can cost a lot of money. Instead of going this route, anybody who is worried that they might have eating issues with a dental bridge should consider an implant instead.

Why Implants Are a Good Choice

Dental implants are a unique care option that are crafted to look like a real tooth and are inserted directly into a person's jaw. When properly installed, these implants create a smile that looks more real and which is strong and capable of withstanding a myriad of decay issues. And since they are installed directly into the gums, implants don't feel as awkward as bridges may feel to some.

That more comfortable feel is due to the fact that these implants work like an actual tooth and have the same size and shape and overall feel. Unlike a bridge, they do not sit on top of the teeth but are a literal part of a person's jaw. As a result, they are out of the way when a person chews and won't be as uncomfortable when a person tries to eat.

For some, this benefit may even help them breathe better. As a result, implants are an excellent choice for those with a small mouth or those who want their dental replacement to feel as natural as possible.

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