How Do Invisible Braces Correct Teeth?

15 June 2020
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If you've ever had traditional braces or know anyone who has, you likely know about the fact that traditional braces need to be adjusted regularly. This is done in order to achieve the results the dentist is looking for, and if appointments are skipped, the teeth straightening process may not go as planned. But when it comes to invisible braces, oftentimes there are no dentist appointments and the entire process is completed without any manual adjustments. If you're curious as to how this all works, here's what you should know.

The Scan and Mold

The first step of getting invisible braces is to undergo an examination, a scan, and a mold of your teeth.

The examination is done to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough to undergo braces in the first place. If problems like cavities or loose teeth are discovered, they'll need to be treated first.

From there, an x-ray scan is recorded, and a mold is made of your teeth. This is done with a little tray full of a material called alginate. Alginate takes on the shape of whatever's pressed into it and hardens, allowing your dentist to create a mold of your teeth perfectly.

Computer Work

Next up is to send all the accumulated information to a manufacturer. This is where your invisible braces will be made.

The x-rays and dental mold are scanned and inputted into a computer. Then, a computer goes to work analyzing your teeth and determining how each tooth needs to move in order to provide you with a straightened smile. From there, a series of invisible braces are made, starting with one that will fit your teeth perfectly.

The Final Result

When the new invisible braces arrive at your dentist's office or at your home, you can start treatment right away. The automated computer process will ensure that each set of invisible braces that you're given will be slightly different from the last. The first pair will fit perfectly right from the start, but the second pair will make you feel as though there's a little bit of pressure on your teeth. This is exactly what you want. Each pair is designed so that the teeth are moved just slightly from the last one, ensuring a gradual teeth straightening process without the need to have your braces manually adjusted.

Once you have all your braces in hand, all you need to do is to wear them as long as directed and then switch to a new pair. Over time, you'll see teeth gradually start to shift in position until they ultimately lead you to a perfect smile.

For more information, reach out to a dentist that offers products such as Invisalign.