What To Expect When You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

18 June 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If your dentist has recommended that you get your wisdom teeth removed, you may be unsure of what to expect from the process and procedure. Wisdom teeth removal is a fairly routine procedure for oral surgeons, but can seem scary if you have never been through it. You do not have to be afraid, though. Get to know some of the things you can expect from wisdom teeth removal. Then, you can be as prepared as possible when you schedule and go to the procedure. 

Expect to Be Awake During the Procedure

When you are getting your wisdom teeth removed, expect to be awake during the procedure. Your dentist will ensure that you are numbed up and comfortable, but you will more than likely be awake and alert throughout the process. 

To help with the noise, which can be somewhat jarring, the dentist may offer you headphones to listen to music or the TV in the room. You should take them up on that offer. This will help keep you calmer and more comfortable throughout the wisdom teeth removal process. 

Expect to Be Offered a Sedative to Take Beforehand

Your dentist will most likely offer you the option of taking a sedative like Valium before the wisdom teeth removal procedure. This is usually taken at home about an hour or so before the wisdom teeth removal appointment is scheduled. This will help to keep you calm and relaxed during the procedure. 

It is a good idea to take this medication for the procedure, especially if you are feeling nervous or have general dental anxiety. It can help a great deal. Keep in mind that you should have someone drive you to and from the procedure when you take the medication for safety.

Expect to Be Pretty Loopy Immediately Afterward

If you take the medication the dentist prescribes you for the wisdom teeth removal procedure, you will be pretty loopy afterward. The medication will make you extremely relaxed and almost in a twilight state where you are partially asleep and partially awake.

This is completely normal and will help you remain comfortable and relaxed afterward. Just go ahead and plan to go home and go to sleep after your wisdom teeth removal procedure. 

Expect to Be Eating Soft Foods Only for Several Days

After you get your wisdom teeth removed, expect to spend your time eating soft foods like noodle soup and mashed potatoes. This will help your mouth to heal and will prevent pain that could happen if a sharp piece of food hits the area. 

Expect to Be in Recovery for Up to Two Weeks

Recovery from wisdom teeth removal can take up to two weeks. So, be patient with the process and know that it is completely normal for the healing to take a while. 

Now that you know more of what to expect from getting your wisdom teeth removed, you can feel better prepared for the procedure and the recovery process. Schedule your wisdom teeth removal appointment as soon as possible, you'll be so glad you did.