Choosing between a Fixed and Removable Dental Implant Device

14 July 2020
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If you are thinking about a dental implant, then you should know that the devices come in fixed and removable devices. Both of these options have their benefits and either type of replacement tooth may fit your needs. So, you have a difficult choice ahead of you, so keep reading to learn about the benefits of each type of implant.

1. Fixed Implants

A singular fixed implant is your traditional device that is used to replace one missing tooth. The implant is meant to restore the tooth to a strong, natural-looking, and natural-feeling device. A crown is cemented on the root to finish off the implant and most people will be unable to tell that you were missing a tooth in the first place.

The singular and fixed dental implant has the benefit of being as "real" as possible. It also places some pressure on your bone to help keep it strong. This can help you to retain the structure and appearance of the face and the bulk of the bone can prevent nearby teeth from being lost as well.

Fixed implants do require the most stability. This means that the implant root is one of the longer and thicker devices. So, if you already have some bone loss issues, you may be looking at a longer overall restoration plan with bone grafting or stimulation treatments. And, you also may have a longer period of healing where the implant cannot be used. 

2. Removable Implants

Removable implants have the benefit of allowing your dentist to secure a shorter and thinner implant root into the jaw. This is due to the reduced need for stability. And, the implants may not require any bone grafting or additional treatments because of this. Also, many implants can be used in this situation to secure a whole or partial dentist in the mouth. So, you can have multiple teeth replaced if you want a removable device.

The implant root acts like an attachment that connects to the denture or bride. And, the appliance piece can and should be removed at night. This allows for the cleaning of the denture as well as the implant and the surrounding tissue. 

Removable implants do not always look as natural as the fixed devices and the denture or bridge can shift a small amount. You also may see some gum recession if the artificial teeth rub against the tissues.

Make your decision about the type of dental implant you want by contacting local dentists.