Dental Care For Your Teeth While Wearing Braces: What You Need To Know

16 July 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Just because you have metal brackets stuck to the front of your teeth doesn't mean you can skip brushing or flossing until they come of. In fact, you should be taking even better care of your teeth while you are wearing your braces. When the wires and brackets come off, the last thing you want are white marks on your teeth where the brackets once were and dark stains on the rest of your teeth. You also don't want to have to deal with having a cavity filled because you didn't take care of your teeth. Read on for some dental care tips to help you take care of your teeth while you have braces.

Change Your Toothbrush

Your standard toothbrush may not get the job done like it should when wearing braces. You may need to switch your toothbrush to a cone-shaped brush, to help you get in between the brackets and around the wires for the time being. A small round rotating toothbrush may also be a bit better to get around the brackets as well. Take time when brushing to be sure you get all of your teeth and that you also get around each of the brackets.

Floss With A Waterpik

Flossing can be difficult, especially if you have wires in your mouth between the brackets. Using traditional dental floss may not be easy to use, but you can still get in between the teeth using a Waterpik, which will shoot a jet of water that can get through your teeth. It can be very useful when cleaning your teeth to help remove bacteria and food particles not only between the teeth, but also around the brackets as well.

Go To Your Orthodontic Appointments

You may be going in for orthodontic appointments every month for a checkup on your braces, and you need to be sure you do this, as they are monitoring your teeth and how they are moving. You can also have your teeth cleaned at these appointments, which is why they are also very important. Don't skip these appointments, and ask to have your teeth cleaned if need be.

Your teeth need to be cared for whether or not you have braces, but you need to be extra mindful when you do have braces, that you are caring for your teeth properly. Talk to your orthodontist, like those at Accent On Dentistry - Rowena R Martir DMD and other offices, about what other things you should be doing to care for your teeth.