How Invisalign Helps Teens Avoid Discomfort Due To Braces Adjustment

3 August 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Enhancements in braces technology make them easier to wear and adjust than ever, which is a good thing for teens who get frustrated by this process. However, traditional braces still require a bit more adjustment than some teens may be willing to tolerate. Thankfully, Invisalign helps by providing an easy-to-change approach that is nowhere near as painful.

Braces Adjustments Can Be Frustrating

After being installed, braces must be adjusted as a person ages and their gum and teeth health changes. These adjustments and tweaks can be somewhat frustrating and annoying for a teen going through this process. They'll have to take time off school, potentially miss out on sporting events, and spend hours sitting in an orthodontist office. For impatient teens, this situation is hard to tolerate. 

And while braces adjustments are no longer as painful as they may have been in the past, they still cause some discomfort. For example, a person may lie with their head back as their dentist works in their mouth, which can be somewhat disconcerting for many. And some adjustments and tightening may lead to gum and teeth pain in a way that Invisalign braces do not.

Ways Invisalign Helps

Invisalign braces are a unique type for several reasons. First of all, they are not installed on the teeth but serve as a type of tight-fitting mouthguard that slips on and off a teen's teeth. This design means that they are more comfortable to remove and clean, avoiding damage much more quickly. However, Invisalign braces are also much more convenient to adjust than standard braces because of their design. 

That's because they are adjusted, not by tweaking the original design, but by creating all-new braces. As a result, a teen only needs to get impressions of their teeth, wait a few days, and then come back and get handed new braces. They don't have to sit in a chair getting adjusted or deal with any type of pain because Invisalign braces don't trigger the same kind of issues with teeth and gums. 

As a result, a growing number of teenagers are using Invisalign braces to keep their teeth more durable and resistant to various types of issues. By using these braces in conjunction with traditional oral health treatment, a person can keep their gums and teeth secure and avoid the kind of annoyance that may make a teen's braces years a source of embarrassment.