3 Reasons Why You May Need A Dental Extraction

10 August 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth. The dentist will cut the gums surrounding the tooth, as well as any tissue, then while holding the tooth with forceps, will move it around to loosen the root from the jaw, then pull it out. This is usually a procedure done under anesthetic, so you shouldn't feel too much pain. There are a number of reasons to have a dental extraction. Read on for a few reasons why you may need to have one. 

1. Overcrowding

If there is an issue with overcrowding teeth in your mouth, where there are simply too many teeth for your mouth, and there is no way to straighten your teeth with that many in your mouth, the dentist may suggest having a dental extraction in order to make more room. This may also be necessary when adult teeth are beginning to come in and baby teeth still are not making their way out of the mouth fast enough. It can lead to crooked teeth, and so a dental extraction may be needed.

2. Receding Gums

If you have receding gums and are experiencing issues with the underside of your teeth becoming exposed or the nerves being exposed, this can lead to a lot of pain. If you have receding gums, it's only a matter of time before your teeth fall out on their own because they have nothing more to hold onto. In this case, dental extraction may be necessary. This may also be a time when you are being fitted for dentures instead of your natural teeth. If you have receding gums, you should talk to your dentist about getting a dental extraction.

3. Tooth Rotting

If you have a tooth that is rotting, you have an option to have a root canal, although some may choose to have the tooth extracted instead. This is especially true if it is a back molar that nobody will see. In place of the pulled molar, you can have either a dental implant or you can also have a dental bridge put in instead to have something in place of the pulled tooth. This can prevent your teeth from moving out of place.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, talk to your dentist about having a dental extraction. Discuss your options and what all the procedure will entail, this way you have a good idea going into the procedure about what to expect.