How Smokers Can Improve Their Dental Health

18 August 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you are a smoker and want to improve your dental health, you may face some additional challenges. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot take care of your teeth and see some benefits of doing so.

These are some of the concerns you should have about your dental health as a smoker.

Why Is Smoking Bad for Dental Health?

Smoking is a major problem for your dental health. For one, it puts you at a higher risk for gum disease compared to a non-smoker. Additionally, gum disease can target your gums and even your bones, which can lead to tooth loss. As a result, smokers have a higher likelihood of losing teeth at a younger age.

Oral cancer is also more common in people who smoke. This can lead to other dental issues and a need for extractions and implants. Some of the dental pain that results can be extremely painful.

Finally, many people who smoke notice that their teeth yellow due to a buildup of plaque and tarter. This can lead to staining in addition to cavities. This can come with a yellow tongue, loss of taste, and bad breath.

Will It Help to Stop Smoking?

One of the best ways to improve your dental health is to stop smoking. If you are thinking about putting an end to your smoking habit, you should also discuss the benefits with your dentist. They may be able to motivate you to stop by explaining how quitting with benefit your physical and dental health. 

Smoking is not the only thing you should stop doing. You should also avoid foods, like soda and coffee, that cause further staining and erosion of the teeth.

How Can You Improve Your Brushing Skills?

You can improve your dental hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly. Twice a day is usually recommended, but discuss your needs with your dentist. Regular flossing and mouthwash are both great options, and you can also benefit from using a tongue scraper to clean your mouth. You should talk to your dentist about the strength of the toothbrush you want to use.

What Else Can You Do?

It is also beneficial for you to come in for regular checkups with your family dentist. Many of your symptoms could worsen, leading to intense tooth pain and a need for dental work. The sooner you work on these issues, the better. Call today to set up an appointment with your dentist.