Bad Breath Causes To Know About

31 August 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Bad breath is something no one wants to have, and no one around you wants you to have it either. One problem with bad breath is you don't always know you even have it. Sometimes it takes someone telling you, which may be a spouse or a family member that tends to be in very close contact with you. However, many times people won't say anything because they don't want to embarrass you. So, the best way to avoid ending up with embarrassing bad breath is to make sure you have taken all the preventative measures possible to make sure you don't end up with bad breath. You can learn more in the writing below about the causes of bad breath and the common causes of bad breath.

The causes of bad breath:

Neglecting dental care - If you don't brush your teeth at least twice a day then you can end up with bad breath that is caused by plaque buildup. Also, if you don't floss after meals then both plaque buildup in the tight spaces of your teeth and the left behind food particles can cause you to have bad breath. You should also be using a mouthwash each day. However, you don't want to just use whatever is on sale, or the first mouthwash you happen to grab. Instead, find out which mouthwash you should be using from your general dentist. They may want you to have one with fluoride or they may want you to have an antiseptic one or even another type. They know your teeth and will know what is best. Using mouthwash helps kill bacteria and things that can affect your overall dental health, as well as your breath. 

Neglecting dental appointments - Not making it to your regularly scheduled dental appointments is another thing that can cause you to have bad breath, as well as leading to many other dental issues, many of which can be serious. When you see your dentist regularly, they will make sure your teeth are in good shape and you will have your teeth professionally cleaned which will really help you to prevent your breath from being bad. 

Cavities - If you have one or more cavities, then you will likely end up with bad breath. The breath from someone who has a cavity can also have a distinct smell to it. This is why there are some people out there who's sense of smell is so keep that they can tell the breath from someone they are near is indicative of a cavity.