Innovative Dental Procedures Offered In A Cosmetic Dental Office

23 September 2020
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Cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest-growing industries. Today, most people embrace the idea that they can achieve their dream smile with a few dental procedures. Orthodontists and cosmetic dentists are well skilled in performing procedures that can restore or improve your smile. But what cosmetic procedures can they perform? Below are services offered at a cosmetic dental office.

Teeth Whitening

It is normal for your teeth to develop yellow or brown stains as you grow older. This could be due to your food choices, health conditions, smoking, or poor oral health practices. Fortunately, cosmetic dentists eliminate the stains through teeth whitening treatments. There are many teeth whitening methods and products, and your dentist will first examine your teeth and help you find one that will work for you. 

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are typically placed on top of a tooth to protect it from discoloration or damage. Veneers also align crooked teeth and gaps to help restore your smile. They are designed from porcelain or composite material that matches the color of your teeth.

Dental veneers are custom made, and so the dentist will use the shape and size of your natural teeth to create the perfect veneer for you. It can be placed on one tooth or multiple teeth, depending on your preference, degree of damage, and the desired results.

Dental Implants

Dental implants help people who have lost their natural teeth due to age, accidents, or medical issues, to get replacement options. Implants are made of titanium to ensure their strength matches that of natural teeth. The implants are typically surgically installed in the jaw to act as the root of the teeth. The cosmetic dentist designs and installs a denture, crown, or bridge on top of the implant to create a functional tooth.

Composite Bonding

Also known as dental bonding, composite bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure used to repair damaged and discolored teeth or fill any unwanted gaps. The innovative procedure involves placing a composite resin, the same color as a natural tooth, on top of a damaged tooth. The resin is then cured using a high-intensity light to create a tough coating on the tooth.

This treatment takes a short time, and you will be good to go after one session. The dentist will share with you a few tips to increase the efficiency and durability of the resin.

Tooth Shaping

Tooth or enamel shaping involves contouring uneven edges or sharp ends to create smooth teeth that are well aligned. The dentist will use a sanding disk or any other tool to remove protruding parts of the enamel to achieve an even shape. This procedure is mostly used in conjunction with composite bonding or other procedures for better results.

Anyone can now achieve a perfect smile with these and other cosmetic dental procedures. If you need any of these procedures, ensure you identify a reputable cosmetic dental office that offers quality services.