Braces Can Help Children With Crooked Teeth Caused By Poor Eating Habits

28 April 2021
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Dental health troubles are often caused by a surprising range of concerns. For example, crooked teeth are usually triggered by genetics, but can also be caused by poor eating habits. This problem is something that many parents may not expect, but which may trigger long-lasting oral health issues that an orthodontal team can help parents properly manage.

Poor Child Eating Habits May Cause Crooked Teeth

When children eat poorly, they are not only potentially causing themselves to gain weight, but also impacting their overall health as well. For instance, many children may suffer from dental problems related to poor eating choices, particularly oral alignment issues. That's because poor nutrition may cause the bones of the jaw and the teeth to set poorly and cause misalignment.

These crooked teeth are likely to worsen as a child ages, especially if they continue to eat poorly. These problems can happen even if a child eats a lot of food because most types of junk food have minimal nutrients, like calcium, that can support teeth. As a result, a child's parents may need to work with an orthodontist to find the high-quality support that a child needs to recover.

How Braces Help

Braces can help a child with crooked teeth. An orthodontist starts by examining the full state of their dental problems. They take a pressing of their teeth and an x-ray and conduct other examinations that give a feel for how crooked the teeth have become. Then, the orthodontist will help the child and their parents choose a set of braces that is appropriate for their needs.

For example, ceramic braces are a strong choice for those who want traditional braces that look a bit more like teeth. And invisible aligners work well for those who want to remove their braces occasionally but still get high-quality oral correction. The type chosen will vary depending on the state of their dental health and the quality of their parents' dental insurance options.

Then, the braces service team will create corrective tools that easily fit within the child's mouth to correct their teeth. Braces of all types require time to work, as they exert light pressure on the teeth to slowly move them into the right position. Thankfully, this process can also be adjusted at any time by the orthodontist if the child experience pain or other complications.

For more information about braces, contact a local orthodontist.