5 Major Reasons Why You Should Have A Family Dentist

22 November 2021
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Regular checkups are an important part of maintaining family dental health. When it comes to family dental care, you want a family dentist who will take the time to get to know your family's individual needs and be proactive about taking good care of them.

Here are 5 reasons why having a family dentist is so important:

They Provide Quality Care

The American Dental Association stresses that family dentists use the latest advances in dental science, technology, equipment, and training in order to keep up-to-date on current standards of care. Dentists work hand in hand with other health professionals within your community to provide the best possible care for all family members.

They Will Help Your Kids Achieve Great Oral Health

Children between six months and 16 years of age should at least see a family dentist twice per year.  At the dental clinic, your kids will learn to take care of their healthy teeth and gums. They can ask questions about what they see in their own mouths and learn more about dental health.

They Create Healthy Smiles for All Ages

Family dentists are professionals at providing personalized oral hygiene instructions for each family member based on individual needs. Plus they create beautiful smiles by designing custom-made treatment plans customized specifically to enhance natural tooth color and shape without compromising function or health. 

Your family dentist can also help you to choose restorative materials that will work with your family's budget and lifestyle. Moreover, the dentist can help you understand what is covered by your dental insurance policy and which treatment options are best for your family.

They Provide a Peace of Mind

If there is an emergency, family dentists offer immediate attention to ease the pain and prevent further damage from happening. If you need urgent care or have a severe toothache or jaw pain, they can provide relief in most cases, either on-site at their office or via their network of specialists working together for your family's comfort and convenience.  

They Keep You Informed

Family dentists stay up-to-date on family health issues and how they relate to family dental care. They are committed to providing you with the information you need to make wise decisions about your family's well-being. They will also provide you with a written treatment plan that includes a date for follow-ups and will explain each step of any planned treatment so that patients know what to expect at all times.

By partnering with family dentists, members can take advantage of unique benefits such as additional savings on general, cosmetic, and specialty services like orthodontic consultations.

For more information on family dentistry, contact a dentist near you.