Familiarize Yourself With The Tools Your Dentist May Use

14 June 2022
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If you have neglected to care for your teeth for many years, you may not be familiar with the tools that your dentist will use during an upcoming dental cleaning session. Deciding to reinstate your dental care needs is a big step. Being aware of what to expect may ease any uncertainties you have about seeking services from a dental provider.

A Series Of Mirrors And A Scaler

Your dentist may use a handheld mirror and an overhead one that is secured to a base. The mirrors will be used to view your teeth from all angles. One or more of the mirrors may contain magnified glass. During the initial part of your dental cleaning, your dentist may use a scaler.

A scaler is a metal tool that has a hooked edge. A scaler is used to remove calcified dental plaque. A manual or power scaler may be used to remove visible plaque from the top, front, or back of your teeth. This type of tool can also be used to remove plaque from between two adjacent teeth.

A Periodontal Probe

A periodontal probe is a measuring device. It is narrow and long in length. This tool is not used to clean the teeth. Instead, it is used to assess the space that surrounds each tooth and gumline. If too much space is present, a dentist may check for periodontal disease or gingivitis. A receding gum line may be indicative of poor oral health. This type of tool may be used to assess a patient's teeth, prior to providing the teeth with a thorough cleaning.

A Polisher

Tooth polishing will remove surface stains and will remove traces of plaque that a scaler did not eliminate. Polishing the teeth will also provide the enamel with a smooth surface. A polisher is attached to a metal arm that is connected to a large unit that contains a motor. The polisher will make a 'whirring' noise while it is being actively operated. This is due to the fast rotation of the polishing head.

Your dentist will apply a flavored paste to the polishing head. The paste will contain pumice, a flavoring compound, and a small amount of fluoride. The pumice will be slightly abrasive and will be responsible for smoothing the enamel of each tooth. After your dentist has polished all of your teeth, you will be able to rinse your mouth out with water that is provided.

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