Why Dental Implants Are Better For Younger Americans

28 October 2022
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

There are many different dental treatments available for people who have something go awry with their teeth. From dentures to individual false teeth to the much-misunderstood dental implants. If you have had an issue with your teeth, either losing some to trauma or disease, then you are probably weighing up your options and you aren't sure which direction to go in. Before you make any certain decisions, it is important to understand just how much better dental implants are for younger Americans, if you are eligible. Here is a brief rundown of why dental implants are so good if you are on the younger side of things.

They Last Much Longer

Dental implants are inserted through a surgical procedure by which the implant is drilled into the actual slot where the teeth would be. This mimics the strength of the roots of your teeth and makes them feel more natural but it also makes them exceptionally strong. Dentures and false teeth are held in place by much less intensive means, which also allows them to be taken out and replaced very easily. Dental implants are not often replaced because they can last for decades with minimal maintenance, ideal if you are younger. 

Better For Your Confidence

Having a nice smile with good teeth is vital to one's confidence, and that generally matters more to people when they are younger. False teeth and dentures, while generally pretty good at staying in place, are known to come loose on occasion. If this happens in an awkward place or time then this can make you deeply embarrassed when there really is nothing to feel bad about, it is just human nature to feel awkward. Dental implants will never come loose in that way, and they look much more natural as a result of that.

Can Cover Multiple Teeth

Dental implants do not just have to be for one tooth, they can cover multiple teeth in a row. This is what is known as a bridge, where either end is connected in that same, strong fashion that does not allow for any movement. If you need quite a few teeth replaced, you probably think that dentures were your only option, but that could not be further from the case. Do not deprive yourself of the best option, talk to your dentist and bring up dental implants to see what they think, if you are eligible they will make get these proceedings underway. 

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