Root Canals: Why They Are Worth Your Investment

3 May 2023
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you have to get a root canal, it can seem harsh to have the work done when you could just get the tooth pulled. In reality, there are several reasons to have a root canal treatment done so you can enjoy healthier teeth and an overall more confident and comfortable smile.

Why are root canals worth your investment? Here are some of the reasons.

You save your tooth

Saving your tooth is a major thing that you should always keep in consideration. You want to save your tooth at all costs if you can, including getting root canals to make this happen. Saving your teeth gives you peace of mind knowing that your mouth is healthy and also helps to preserve your smile for the longer term. It also helps you save money because replacing a tooth that you've lost with dentures or dental implants can be expensive.

You save your smile

Even losing one tooth can wreak havoc on your smile. Your teeth have to shift to fill in the gap where your tooth was (if you failed to get a root canal and lost your tooth as a result) and can get all shifted and out of place as a result. Furthermore, your teeth rely on one another for support, so if you lose one tooth by not getting root canals, you can lose others.

You save your smile when you invest in root canal treatment. A single root canal can often be done in one day, and if you are concerned about comfort, seek sedation dentistry and other types of comfort care when you have your root canals done. This makes your root canals far less painful and can help you feel better about your results because you weren't having discomfort while getting treatments done.

You save your self-esteem

You save and grow your self-esteem by having root canals done. You have lots of reasons to invest in your smile as a whole, and starting with a root canal treatment is a great way to do this. Your self-esteem is much higher when you have a smile that is healthy and full of strong and pain-free teeth. Your dentist will show you options regarding root canals and other treatments you can get to improve your smile.

Your root canals can help you feel much better about yourself. In the end, the way you care for your smile is going to benefit you for years to come. For more information on root canals, contact a professional near you.