What You Should Share With Your Family Dentist

30 August 2023
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People of all ages should try to see a dentist for a checkup at least twice a year. Regular dental visits are one of the best ways to ensure good oral health. When you see your dentist the next time, do not be shy about sharing information about your health conditions and lifestyle.

Here are a few things you should share with your dentist during your next visit. 

Your Health Conditions

If you have any medical conditions, you should definitely let your family dentist know about them. Medical conditions can affect dental health more than people think. For example, if you have diabetes, you may be more susceptible to gum disease. If you suffer from an autoimmune disorder, you might have oral lesions.

Your Smoking Habits

If currently smoke tobacco, it is something you should let your dentist know about. Unfortunately, smoking can be very bad for your dental health. Smoking tobacco can increase your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and even oral cancer. If you are honest about your smoking habits with your dentist, they will be able to treat you properly.

Your Dental Health Issues

During your visit with your family dentist, it is important to bring up any dental health issues you have been experiencing. For instance, if you have been having sharp pain in your tooth, you should inform your dentist. Your dentist can't fully help you if they do not know what is going on.

Your Medications

If you have started taking new medications since your last dental checkup, you should let your dentist know. Certain medications can impact your dental health. For instance, antihistamines can cause dry mouth. Blood thinning medications can increase bleeding during dental procedures. Your dentist will know how to help you better if they know about your medications.

Your Diet Changes

The foods and beverages you put in your mouth can have an effect on your dental health. As such, it is crucial to discuss any diet changes with your dentist. For instance, if you have been eating a lot of sugary foods lately, you should inform your dentist. Consuming a high amount of sugary foods may increase your chances of tooth decay.

It is important to discuss any of these topics with your dentist. If you haven't seen your dentist in over six months, you should consider scheduling an appointment as soon as possible. Your dental health should be a top priority. 

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